Solar Energy

Solar radiation sustains all forms of life on earth. According to estimates, sun radiates about 1.74 x 1017 W of power per hour to earth. The main features of solar radiation are its wide spread distribution, inexhaustible supply and pollution free source of energy. India receives solar energy equivalent to about 500 trillion kWh per annum which is much more than the total energy consumption in the country. The daily solar energy incidence varies from 4 – 7 kWh per m2 and there are 250 to 300 sunny days in a year. The power potential of solar energy is 20 MW per

Types of Systems

Working Principle

In a typical solar water heater, water is heated by the solar thermal energy absorbed by the collectors water is heated by the solar ....


Solar Thermal Devices

A solar thermal device captures and transfers the heat energy available in solar radiation which can be used for meeting the requirements ...