Solar Power:

Thanjavur is the well-known city of Tamil Nadu. It is rich of culture and heritage which makes its economy rich from the tourism. It is one of the very important cities which have many historical monuments from the middle of 1800BC. It is also known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu’ which is because of the highest importance and growth it is attaining in agriculture industry. Thanjavur is also an imperative centre of silk weaving in Tamil Nadu. Thanjavur is a city which is more of a need of electricity for all its processes. The temperature in the city will range from a maximum of 38.5°C to a minimum of 18.2°C which makes the city very dry and hot on the summer and cold and pleasant on the winter seasons.

Effica Energy is a Renewable energy company which develops and installs solar power related products for a wide range of customers. Our products include:

  • Solar PV Modules
  • Solar Power System
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Home Inverter
  • Solar Home Lighting Kit
  • Solar LED Lantern

We are one of the leading providers of solar products which are highly renowned for its best quality and cost-efficiency. Our designs are best known for its efficient working and the low space occupancy. The solar pumps which we design are majorly used by farmers in their lands. We are one of the significant solar power companies in the city.

We have been rated high for our efficient working products and the best customer support and satisfaction which we provide. We work carefully in order to make sure that our large renewable energy and reduced financial risks in delivering our products at a very successful rate. If you are in a need for any type of solar products you don’t want any second thought; you can contact us immediately.